Governance Documents

Governance Documents

Our Board of Directors believes that the purpose of corporate governance is to ensure that we maximize shareholder value in a manner consistent with legal requirements and the highest standards of integrity. The Board has adopted and adheres to sound corporate governance practices which serve this purpose and represent best practices.

The following ACNB Corporation corporate governance documents are provided for your information:

ACNB Corporation and ACNB BANK Charter Documents

Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation Amended and Restated Bylaws

ACNB Corporation and ACNB Bank Board Committee Charters

Board Executive Committee Charter Compensation Committee Charter Board Audit Committee Charter Nominating Committee Charter Board Strategic Planning Committee Charter Board Trust Committee Charter Board Loan Committee Charter

ACNB Corporation Governance Policy Statements

Board of Directors Attendance Policy Statement Code of Ethics Hiring Policy Statement for Employees and Former Employees of Independent Auditors Insider Trading Policy Statement Whistleblower Policy